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Air Tools are so dependable and take so much abuse that we don't think about how they work. Go-ahead and take one apart that doesn't work. It's not rocket science. You will be amazed how intricate the parts are.

It's very close tolerance for parts to work together. There is no room for trash. Where does this trash and grit come from ? It comes from the environment our tools work in.

When we drop our air hose on the ground or floor it picks up grit on the quick connect. Our air tanks even if new, have scale on the inside from the factory. Air tanks are NOT painted on the inside.

This is what we need to do:

  • Keep our air compressors drained of mositure
  • Use an air line filter
  • Keep our air tools lubricated and tools off the floor
  • Store our tools in a clean environment

Here at Dependo Rent-all we rent a lot of pneumatic tools, floor nailers, framing and roofing nailers. The number one problem we have is with trash in people's airlines. I've found that one solution is to use an inline air filter at the tool like automotive painter's use. These are available at automotive store where they sell paint.

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